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Membership Means Financial Power


Savings Accounts

To become a member of the Credit Union, you will be required to place a $5.00 deposit into your share (savings) account. Your savings account is also referred to as a share account, signifying that you are also a part owner of the Credit Union. Every member has an equal vote at the annual meeting where the Credit Union's Board of Directors are elected. It is important that you become involved with the Credit Union, as your voice will help decide its future. Your savings are safe with Utah Power Credit Union! Each deposit account is insured with the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) for up to $250,000.


At a credit union, the interest paid to your account is also referred to as a dividend. The Credit Union invests your shares (savings) in investments and loans, and after expenses are paid, the profit is returned to you in the form of dividends. There are no paid board of directors or stockholders at credit unions. All earnings are paid to you, the owner, or retained as Credit Union capital.


Utah Power Credit Union has consistently paid one of the highest dividend rates in the nation for many years. Each quarter, the Board of Directors reviews the earnings and expenses of the Credit Union and then declares a dividend rate. It has been the commitment of the Board of Directors to return as much profit as possible back to the member-owners while maintaining a sound, secure financial entity.

Checking Accounts

You can open a checking account after you have established your membership with the Credit Union. We have designed three checking account programs to be as competitive and convenient as possible. Whether you live in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington or anywhere else, all of the convenience features offered with our checking accounts make them accessible to anyone!

  • Free Checking
    With Free Checking there is unlimited check writing, no minimum balance, and no monthly fee.

  • Power Checking
    Power Checking gives you additional benefits like free cashier's checks and money orders, one free Courtesy Pay fee reversal each year, and a loan discount coupon every 18 months. You will also receive all of your personal checks for free forever and will earn a premium dividend rate on average daily balances over $500. You will receive all of these benefits for only a $3.00 monthly membership fee.

  • Do you need to reorder checks? Please contact a Member Service Representatives at (801) 708-8900 to help you with this process.

Certificates of Deposit

Our high-yield certificate accounts can help you with your long-term saving objectives. You can count on the Credit Union to offer the most competitive interest rates around. Our Saver's CD will help you build your nest egg by only requiring a $10 initial deposit. Simply make a minimum monthly deposit of $10 and you will continue to earn the certificate interest rate.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

There is no better time to save for retirement than now. While you save for retirement you can enjoy the tax benefits either now or later (consult your tax advisor). We offer many types of IRAs, so please call 801-708-8900 today to speak with an IRA specialist.