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Interest Rates

Our rates put the power in your hands and in your wallet.

 Utah Power Credit Union has been an important part of so many decisions our family has made, from purchasing cars and buying a family home. We trust them and always feel they are looking out for our best interest. 

The Langi Family

Explore Home Loans
Type Term Rate
2009 & Newer 5-years 2.59% APR
2009 & Newer 6-years 2.89% APR
2009 & Newer 7-years 3.59% APR
2008 & Older 5-years 3.59% APR
Type Term Rate
2009 & Newer 5-years 3.25% APR
2009 & Newer 6-years 3.50% APR
2009 & Newer 7-years 4.00% APR
2009 & Newer 10-years 4.50% APR
2009 & Newer 12-years 5.00% APR
2008 & Older 6-years 4.50% APR
2008 & Older 10-years 5.00% APR
Type Term Rate
Share Secured 6-years Competitive Rate*
Personal 2-years 8.99% APR
Personal 3-years 9.99% APR
Personal 4-years 10.99% APR
Personal 5-years 11.99% APR
*Lowest rate offered, excluding real estate, or 1.50% above current divided rate, whichever is lower.
Type Limit Rate
Visa Credit Card Up to $15,000 Fixed-Rate 9.90% APR
Receive up to 1% discount when you use your new Utah Power Credit Union Visa to pay off other credit cards.
Type Term Rate
Mortgage 30-year as low as 3.50% APR
Mortgage 15-year as low as 3.50% APR
Home Equity 15-year as low as 2.99% APR
Type Rate
Regular Shares 1.10% APY
Business Savings 0.55% APY
Type Rate
IRA 1.10% APR
Type Rate
6 Month 1.00% APR
12 Month 1.35% APR
Savers 1.35% APR
Type Rate
Free Checking 0.00% APR
Power Checking 0.00% APR
Business Checking 0.00% APR
Type Rate
Overdraft Line of Credit 18.00% APR

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Know Your Credit Score

Even though all Utah Power members get the same great, low interest rate regardless of their credit score, maintaining a healthy credit score is important.